Le Fonti Golf Club opened its doors in 1999, based on a design by architect Ivano Serrantoni, the club’s current President. It is a municipal course; in fact, the Municipality of Castel San Pietro Terme owns the land.

From the initial vision of its founding fathers, came a golf course that is now truly cutting-edge, in both golfing and non-golfing terms.

Surrounded by gently-sloping hills, the facility is in the enchanting Sillaro Valley, which boasts a fine, mild microclimate. The course, which is 6,480 metres long, 18 holes par 72, is extremely varied and fun for both more skilled players and beginners. Along with the surrounding area, the golf club, which is located opposite the spa and on the outskirts of the mediaeval town, offers a great variety of opportunities thanks to numerous recreational, cultural and musical initiatives, designed to ensure guests have a truly delightful and unforgettable stay.

In its twenty-year history, the course has hosted many club events, but above all, some prestigious international golfing events too.

Thanks to its unique characteristics, Le Fonti Golf Club aims to become one of the region’s benchmark golf clubs. The course is extremely appealing to both Italian and overseas players, whether amateur or professional.

The following pages describe some of the most significant maintenance activities carried out on the course, as well as the key national and international events our club has hosted in recent years.

If you’ve never visited Le Fonti Golf Club then it’s surely time you did.


In 2013-2014, Le Fonti Golf Club was one of the first clubs in Italy to convert its turf from microtherm to macrotherm with BERMUDA GRASS. This has led to considerable savings, as well as improving course playability. In fact, compared to microtherm varieties, which have two growth periods (springtime and autumn), macrotherm grass has only one (summertime), entering dormancy in winter (the grass typically turns yellow). This ensures playability is excellent all year round; in fact, even in winter, the grass retains all the characteristics and strength typical of BERMUDA GRASS.

The photos show the work carried out in 2013-2014 and the end result.


Le Fonti Golf Club has always been committed to protecting the local area and its own course. Thanks to its efforts, in May 2016 it was honoured by the Italian Golf Federation with a “COMMITTED TO GREEN” ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD FOR GOLF COURSES, in the WATER category following its water-saving efforts and results obtained thanks to the use of macrotherm grass species.

COMMITTED TO GREEN rewards a responsible approach to the use of natural resources in 5 environmental categories: water, biodiversity, landscape, cultural heritage and energy.

In 2021, Le Fonti Golf Club received the INV award for the BIODIVERSITY category, thanks to its work in favour of environmental sustainability, which it achieved thanks to a number of improvements consisting, in particular, in extending strips of fallow land, dry fields, wetland areas, lakeside cane thickets and underwood, bearing witness to the hard work carried out and the results achieved.

And now towards GEO certification!!


Our driving range has more than 25 stations, most of which are open-air, but 5 of which are covered stations. Furthermore, our Golf Academy has all the equipment, which is available to instructors to help them train players: Capto, Trackman, etc.

To protect the houses to the left of the driving range, we have installed a 20 metre-high and almost 150-metre-long net for added safety.

Furthermore, in late 2020 the driving range was fully floodlit, in order to give seasoned players and novices the chance to practice this fantastic sport until late evening.


In collaboration with Personalizzandia Snc from Mordano (BO), between late 2020 and early 2021, we installed new information boards on each of the holes. Elegant, with new graphics and clearly visible from far away, they are truly unique. Players will also find all the information they need on our holes and our course in pocket-book form thanks to our STROKE SAVERS, available from the secretary’s office.


Le Fonti Golf Club has hosted a number of great national and international events over the years.

In 2006 and 2007, it hosted the Ladies’ European Tour Qualifying School, welcoming many FEMALE GOLF PROFESSIONALS from around the globe.

In 2009-2010-2011 it was home to the ALPS TOUR Men’s International Professional Circuit, the leading professional circuit in Europe that launches young PROS towards a stellar future in the CHALLENGE and EUROPEAN TOURS.

In 2016 and 2018 it also hosted the Italian Golf Federation ITALIAN PRO OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP, a competition for professionals that groups together the best Italian players and is second in importance only to the Italian Open.